The Testers Rage Playlist

Roll back the clock, if you will, to a hot and sweaty summer’s day in Northern Ireland. It was probably raining too. There I was, in an office with very little air conditioning and a problem to solve that wasn’t going anywhere. Everyone and everything was annoying me to the point of uncontrollable rage.

What happened next was something that started out as my own personal endeavour to create a playlist on Spotify that would help me through this particularly dastardly days but eventually grew into something I never imagined – a crutch for quite a few people to ease themselves through a similar day to what I was having.

So, there it was. The Tester’s Rage playlist was born out of frustration and it has been going strong since. The playlist is currently sitting at 9 hours and 9 minutes and is made up of any songs that any tester anywhere wants to listen to when they’re having a shitty day.

On the 18th July, the first song added was Still Counting by Volbeat to only four days ago where Cream and Bastards Rise by Harvey Danger was added. There’s quite the eclectic range of music in there, from emo thrash metal to dubstep. The playlist is highly collaborative with only two rules:

  1. You can add whatever it is you need to listen to to help you through those rage inducing days.
  2. You can never remove a song – someone else may be relying on it.

So there it is, the Tester’s Rage Playlist on Spotify. Currently we have testers from quite a few countries contributing to it and quite a few following it and if you want to, you can too with the following Spotify URI:


Happy listening!

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About Me

Hi. I'm Neill. I'm a software tester from Belfast. You could say a Belfast Tester. I've worked in some companies and all my thoughts are my own. Not the man's. I can think for myself. Honestly.

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